The Swaying Hammock


A.H. Mehr
Jul 15, 2022


Photo by Urip Dunker on Unsplash

Two tall strong trees bear
the weight of a soft swaying
hammock in their shades.

A pleasant and cool
breeze allows it to reflect,
relax for a while.

The sun is melting
and fading on the golden
sphere — to rise again.

We bear the weight of life’s challenges, swaying here and there/yet, we get through all the difficulties each passing day, ponder over things (feel letdown/feel good sometimes)/there is always hope, hope of happiness, there is hope of achieving successes, chances to manifest the positivity that we want/the sun will rise again, each morning to brighten our lives.

Copyright © 2022 — A.H. Mehr



A.H. Mehr

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