The Caregiver


A.H. Mehr
Jul 9, 2021
Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

A loved one is ill,
I am emotionless, I don’t cry.
I don’t even have the still tears in my eyes.
Nothing good or happy matters to me now.
There is equanimity, there is understanding.
There is indifference, but I am in acceptance.
There is a deep silence and calm within my entire being.

Some time back, there was anger,
there was denial, there was disbelief,
there was bargaining with the Almighty,
there was jealousy for other happy people,
there were questions, there was discomfort,
there were noises in my head on why my loved one?

With a choking feeling in my throat,
I just go about my daily work and duties,
of being a relentless and dedicated caregiver.

Thanks for Reading :-)

©A.H. Mehr



A.H. Mehr

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