Of Birthdays and Gifts

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A.H. Mehr
3 min readSep 3, 2023


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Birthdays are awesome affairs for many people -
gifts, gatherings, treats, cakes, chocolates,
decorations, inviting relatives and friends,
and there are cake cuttings,
unwrapping of gifts and chocolates,
gifts specially with all excitement.

If by a fluke, someone forgets someone’s birthday,
all hells break loose and the people around them
must pacify them, come what may!

Some people celebrate exactly on the birth-day
some people start celebrating 7 days before
by giving gifts and start the countdown!
Some more generous people start a month earlier.
and that countdown is too exciting to handle.

This is why I call birthdays awesome affairs.
But we did not even have a simple affair!!

I did not know what a birthday means
as a small child, but as a teenager,
I realized I also have a birthday
just that we don’t celebrate, no tradition in ours
I did not complain at all, not a bit,
and respected our tradition.

Family may have reasons, justified,
thought I, and respected again, the tradition,
as an adult, but I thought as well, I can stealthily celebrate
not mine, but the family’s. I have the means now.

My family won’t really mind the simple affair.
So, I started off with each of my family
member’s birthday on their birth-days.

Only my Mother’s was on Women’s Day
which I decided, as nobody knew when her
birthday was, and she also did not know
when she was born.

It was a simple affair.
Cooking very nice food.
Giving a portion of it to the needy,
Thanksgiving, relishing the food in afternoon
getting a cake in…



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