#A Pretty Simple Poem

A.H. Mehr
Jul 13, 2021
Photo by Andrew Coelho on Unsplash

Nature Is Beautiful.

The Chirping Of Birds,
The Delicate Meadows,
The Smell of Wet Earth,
The Pure Air to Breathe,
The Burble of Waterfalls,
The Tall and Green Trees,
The Blooming and Colorful Flowers,
The Mighty Ocean and its Undulating Waves,
The Blue Sky with White Clouds,
The Thick and Dense Forests,
The Peace of the Mountains,
The Wildlife in all its Glory,
The Rustling of the Leaves,
The Dewy Blades of Grass,

Nature is Beautiful.

Thanks for Reading :-)

©A.H. Mehr



A.H. Mehr

Graphophile - In a small way, but loving this aesthete's journey.