In A World Of My Own

#A Nonconformist

A.H. Mehr
1 min readJul 11, 2021


Photo by Kajetan Sumila on Unsplash

Tradition dictated I follow the rules,
I always believed this is for fools,
I rebelled against all the conformities,
I made fun of all the uniformities.

I did not involve in usual gossips,
I lost out on most or all friendships,
I faced repeat failures and rejections,
I always found a redirection.

I lost the people I loved,
I have all of the past memories shoved,
I do not allow people in my life that I should please.
I do not have to have any moments that I should seize.

I do not like the stereotype or normals,
I am okay with being considered abnormal.
I am different, have views of my own,
I like being me, being left alone.

I do not regret being a nonconformist,
One cannot always be a conformist.
I continue to live a beautiful life,
In a world of my own, with no strife.

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©A.H. Mehr



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