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  • Karen Wettstein

    Karen Wettstein

    Dogs have my heart. They teach me about loyalty, living in the present, not take myself too seriously & learn to just shake things off. I speak their language.

  • Mahein Kazi

    Mahein Kazi

    From Pakistan to the US, Germany, the Netherlands and now Canada. Writer: Psychology, Mental Health, Society, Culture & Ethics in AI. IG: @unravellingyourmind

  • Abhishek Verma

    Abhishek Verma

    Human Being | Writes about Personal Development | Pens Poetry Posthaste | Subscribe at

  • Gauri Sirur

    Gauri Sirur

    Reader/Writer/Dreamer. Writes about everything that intrigues her.

  • Ilana Lydia

    Ilana Lydia

    A theater person/writer/reader of curiosities. A believer in wonder.

  • Stavroula Sanida

    Stavroula Sanida

    As a therapist my vision is to promote uniqueness in my clients. Writing short stories for them functions as an evocative tool for authenticity and creativity.

  • Hidayatullah


    My natural curiosity has led me to explore a wide range of topics.

  • Freda Savahl

    Freda Savahl

    Retired Nurse Practitioner WHC /Contract Provider Deployment Military Services. US Citizen. Immigrant from South Africa 1978.

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