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Personal Perspective

Why Do I Want to Write?

#Reminiscing My Initial Writing Journey

A girl with spectacles, sitting and writing on a table under the shade of a tree.
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“You must stay drunk on writing, so reality cannot destroy you.” - Ray Bradbury — (Zen in the Art of Writing)

I want to write because I want to leave a legacy. I want to be a writer (a prolific one at that). I want everybody to like my work — Well, these were my dreams, something that I always wanted.

I thought that once I write one book, I will be rich and famous. I will not have to work a full-time job. I can be a freelancer or work whenever I want.

This was too silly a dream. A very strange ambition fueled by reading books and wanting to be those famous literary figures who I adored, whose work I loved.

Such dreams cannot be fulfilled unless one is very good at writing and put in a lot of hard work…

#My Perspective

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Practicing Gratitude is very easy,
When life is a breeze, when you are happy,
When things are going good, when you have what you want,
When your loved ones are healthy, when you feel so protected.

But there comes a time,
when you lose your loved ones,
or you have illnesses in your family,
and you have questions about “Why Me.”
There are festering wounds in your heart,
a broken and tormented mind, and restlessness,
There is fear and nonacceptance, you are at your vulnerable best.

Can you still practice Gratitude?

For surviving,
For what’s left,
For taking that breath,
For that…

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We all like being liked, loved, and respected by everybody. Anyone out there who does not like that? Certainly not! Perhaps, some of us can put up with insensitivity. We can ignore and carry on. Such an attitude is sometimes justified. As human beings, we should not be seeking approval or trying to please others. We should not expect appreciation at work or in life in general. We should be ourselves. But the question is, how many of us have healthy self-worth and love ourselves, and/or can put up with insensitivity?

Unfortunately (for quite some time), I was someone who…

My Thoughts!

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Are you perfect and normal without any instability in life?

If you or any of us think we are normal and don’t have any such issues, it is only an assumption. At some point in our lives, we would have gone through some form of minor mental illness. There must have been a slight disturbance in mood, a tendency for quick anger, a mild form of depression, behavioural changes, agitation, continuing sadness, repeat bouts of anxiety, etc.

So, this is not limited only to some people. With the kind of hectic pace we have in today’s world, we are all…

#23 — Face Shaming

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

I researched a lot and started using an oil-free soap which helped in controlling oily skin. Yet, this also caused dry skin, but I continued it. I had to endure a few uncomfortable comments from colleagues at work. There was advice from the driver that I never liked. Not because he was the driver. But because I wanted people to accept me as I am, which was not happening.

One cab driver even shared a card of a naturopathy practitioner, asking me to visit them. I had done almost everything. Tired of listening to advice, I…

#23 — The Exquisite Cream

Photo by Stephanie Harvey on Unsplash

I had learned to live with my acne scars and occasional breakouts of acne.

After a few weeks, based on a friend’s suggestion, I bought this cream. It claimed to clear off all acne, dark circles, dark spots, pigmentation, suntan, blemishes, and anything ugly on your face. It was costly, but I did buy a small pot of it. The cream was golden-yellow color, pleasant smell. Instructions: Use at night only, apply on the face, sit under the fan for some time as the skin would start sweating for whatever reasons.

I bought it and…

#22 — Third Visit to the Dermatologist

Photo by Atikah Akhtar on Unsplash

I visited the renowned dermatologist yet again. He had forgotten me. I made the mistake of reminding him that I am a former patient. I showed him an old prescription after which he charged me even more. I shouldn’t have reminded him since he had forgotten me anyhow, and I could have saved some money. He scolded me for a few minutes for having spoiled my skin and then coming back to him. Yet, he assured me that things will be fine, that my face is beautiful, the pimples should get treated. …

A.H. Mehr

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