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The Silent Connection

Photo by William Farlow on Unsplash

I sit in prayer!

It’s a silent and beautiful connection
between me and the Almighty.
What I am, who I am, rich or poor —
nothing matters in that divine moment.
It is me and Him conversing.

Me, a beggar. He, the giver.

That quiet, and the little space I sit —
and ask Him for serenity,
a clear heart, ability to face all odds,
good health for my loved ones, and
peace and love for entire humanity

is my own every time and all the time.

I always ask and He always gives!

Among many things,
an unshakable…

Live a Contented Life

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

“I do not ask the wounded person how he feels, I myself become the wounded person.” ― Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

The term Empathy gets confused with Sympathy and assumed that the right term is used, but it is not.

If I am having Sympathy for someone, I am only pitying the person, having Compassion. Even though Empathy also maybe being compassionate, this is not what Empathy is all about.

If I am Empathetic towards someone, I am understanding the person (have some hint about their state of mind). I am understanding what they are going through. I am there for them, express to them that I understand them. With this, I am not being judgmental, I will not label them…

#Childhood Memories

Photo by Kolby Milton on Unsplash

What a joy it was,
When my grandpa gave me a cent
Stealthily every week,
And I would buy a sugar candy,
To have it all on my own.

What a joy it was,
When my grandma lovingly
Combed my hair every day,
And made beautiful plaits
With red flowery ribbons.

What a joy it was,
When after a morning of
Intense tutoring classes,
I would rush home and have a breakfast of
Hot and delicious pancakes.

What a joy it was,
When returning home from school,
On Friday afternoons,
I would see my mother’s divine face,
And get special flavored rice for lunch…

#Exploring my Identity

Photo by Tamara Gak on Unsplash

I am from tattered towels,
from bleach powder and slimy brown soaps.
I am from the gaping broken potholes of the floor.
(Red, muddy,
smelling like fresh petrichor.)
I am from the silkworm mulberries,
the common slender jasmine,
whose intoxicating scents filled the arid air,
and beautiful vines climbed the narrow wooden poles.

I’m from recitations and charity.
From Abdel and Nadzma.
I’m from the guidance and knowledge,
and the innocence and earnestness.
From “always be honest”
and “cut your dress according to your cloth.” …


I Finally Wrote An Article on Death And Loss

Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash

Writing in itself is healing when one wants to get rid of any trauma. But there are topics best not touched on (for me) — Death was one such topic. I wrote this poem when my uncle was ill two years back. He did recover, but the uncertainty and helplessness of his family and my mother at that time left me pondering over what this phenomenon is. Despite knowing life and death, most of us still reflect on these things. I wrote that poem on death and closed the document, never touching it for months because of the unease I…

#An Acrostic

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Life skills are important and should be
Ingrained in every child and teenager,
For a better tomorrow as an adult and an
Egalitarian society that respects life skills.

Self-awareness, Empathy, Creative/Critical Thinking,
Kindheartedness, Decision Making, Survival, Problem-Solving,
Interpersonal Relationships, Communication — are all to be
Learned in schools — with Management of Stress and Emotions —
Leading to the children and teenagers having a
Sense of purpose and becoming better human beings.


{{Attaining life skills (in any which way, not just from schools — even parents, if they have learned — can impart at home) is extremely important for every child. I learned life skills much later and realized what a vital role these can play in our life. One has a better quality of life, can empathize, improve relationships, calm down during stress, have better control of emotions, understand people with mental health issues — there are so many aspects that we can explore, and practice due diligence which will lead to overall well being of self and better humanity.}}


©A.H. Mehr

“When children are truly involved in the scientific process they gain understanding, knowledge, and life skills. They deepen their awareness of what’s going on around them…

A.H. Mehr

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